12+ WordPress Coaching Themes for Business, Fitness or Life Coaches

If you’re a coach, you need a website. Why? Because you can’t expect to bring in clients if you don’t have some sort of online presence. In fact, an online presence is the only thing that’s going to make you successful. It doesn’t matter if you’re a coach for business, fitness or life. The world needs you, and you need a quick way to get your website up and running.

18+ Free Medical WordPress Themes for Doctors’ Offices, Clinics and Health Centers

If you’ve ever sought out a doctor or health center to take a look at anything from a mild cold to a broken leg, you know that a website is generally the route you take to locate information. These sites provide details on services, what insurance is accepted, along with the facilities and locations. Whether you’re a web designer with medical clients, or someone running a health organization, you might consider going with a free medical WordPress theme.

23+ Impactful Marketing WordPress Themes for Ad Agencies or any Other Business, Large or Small

In the world of marketing, your online presence becomes more important than any other marketing tactics such as billboards or TV commercials. With the dawn of digital marketing, you can connect strategies for social media, search engine ads and email marketing, all to your website, integrating them together for the ultimate charge to bring in more customers. Whether you run a small marketing agency or a large corporation, it all starts with the website.

18+ Free WordPress Travel Themes for your Travel Blog, Website or Agency

If you’re someone who travels, you know all about how beneficial the internet can be. You have access to sites for hotels, cars, and flights. In addition, a simple search connects you with travel agents, hotels, and the various other travel industry companies. What’s more is that you can locate an onslaught of travel blogs, guiding you through your trip and giving out tips and tricks for things like saving money and not getting robbed.

8+ Free Sports WordPress Themes for Sporting Magazines, Fan Blogs or Team Websites

From professional sports to leagues for kids, organizing a team or league is far more complicated than some assume. Think about the wide range of sports available. Now narrow that down to the variety of levels and skills. Thousands, if not millions, of sporting teams exist throughout the world, and they all require coaching, team members, fans, and people in charge of scheduling and organization. Even if this means that parents need to take on some responsibility.

29+ WordPress Themes for Writers and Authors who Blog, Memoir, or Advertise Works Online

With millions of blogs out there it takes lots of work to stand out from the crowd if you’re a writer. Plenty of people make a living in this field, but marketing yourself with a quality website can make all the difference in setting yourself apart. This collection of WordPress themes for writers should help you establish yourself as a crowd favorite wordsmith in no time.

18+ Best Modern and Responsive Real Estate WordPress Themes For Agents, Brokers, and Agencies

Forget about the crash of 2008, because the real estate market is coming back in full force. Real estate agents require sleek sites to display new homes, apartments, and condos and quick search tools and mapping functionality. Not to mention, real estate blogs are popular websites, offering content for home buyers and investors. The curated real estate WordPress themes on this list can live up to any challenge you throw at them.

17+ Best WordPress Furniture Themes for Furniture stores, Consignment, and Interior Designers

Interior designers and furniture stores often sell products by building large showrooms and bringing customers in for testing out the merchandise. However, the main reason a customer gets to a shop like that is by going online and comparing designs, styles, and sizes. In addition, a website is one of the only ways furniture stores can connect with local customers through search engines.

42+ Best Medical WordPress Themes for Hospitals, Clinics and Healthcare Professionals

Caring for patients is a top priority in the medical profession, but in order let them know about your services, location, and availability, you need to start off with a professional and credible-looking medical website. From hospitals to clinics, medical WordPress themes turn the design process into a simple task, allowing you to focus on the people that matter–your patients and staff.

11+ Best WordPress Review Themes for Movies, Games, Technology, Restaurants, and Everything Else

Let’s say you went to a movie this past week and it blew your mind. The cinematography was awesome, the acting was out of this world and the story line was perfect. Why not write about it? Review websites are great ways to start talking about subjects you love, from gaming to movies, technology to restaurants. Regardless of how big your review site is, the chance to discuss art and design with other people who also enjoy it is almost therapeutic. After that, you can even make an attempt to become known throughout the industry as an expert.

10+ WordPress Themes for Freelancers Looking to Showcase their Portfolios

At some point in time a freelancer was considered a rebel–someone who went against the rules of corporate America to find income from other sources. In fact, some could argue that it was a little silly to become a freelancer because the work wasn’t all that profitable and not many employers thought about reaching out to freelancers who wouldn’t be salaried workers.

12+ Best Chiropractor WordPress Themes for Creating the Perfect Website for Your Office

All doctors need websites. However, when a specialized doctor looks online to search for WordPress themes, it can be a little unfortunate when they find out that not many themes are catered just to them. And that’s to be expected, but it would be nice if all chiropractors could turn to a single, powerful website theme and customize it to meet their own branding needs. However that’s not the case, so we’re tasked with the adventure of filtering through all of the themes out there.

Don’t Use a General Theme If You Want To Stand Out From The Competition

While you could use one of the many doctor WordPress themes for your website, it’s much better when you find a theme that’s designed to work perfectly with your specific niche. They usually have more features that allow you to present your practice in the best possible way as well as focus on getting your more clients in the process. These themes have gone through speed and compatibility tests. We’ve looked into the best support from developers, and analyzed which of the theme customers are most happy with.

8+ High Quality WordPress Themes for Web Designers looking to Create Premium, High-End Websites

The life of a developer involves finding good clients, working with them to understand what the clients need for a job, completing that job, then interacting with the client and maintaining the website or training the company to do it themselves. That’s quite a bit of work. It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelancer or a full design company either, because developers need to figure out ways to speed up the design process at every corner. That’s why building a nice library of high-quality WordPress themes is one of the best ways to cut down on that development time.

12+ Free WordPress Fashion Themes for Designers, Bloggers and More

Whether you’re building a fashion blog or simply trying to show off your own cool styles, a WordPress theme is generally the best place to start when it comes to showing the world what you can do. Fashion websites are not only for the writer or picture taker, since you may have an inclination to sell products through your website. In that case, you’ll need functionality such as an online store. Regardless of what type of website you’d like to build, WordPress fashion themes are around to help you out.

14+ Free Education WordPress Themes for Schools, Colleges and Online Universities

From preschools to online colleges, the wide range of educational organizations is astounding. The best part is that you can revamp your school’s website or even create your own educational site with the help of a free education WordPress theme. Some of the educational institutions utilizing these themes are for-profit, while others are public. Regardless, you can take one of the themes below and turn it into a way for parents, students, and teachers to interact.

13+ Free Food Blog WordPress Themes for Foodies, Chefs or Anyone that Likes to Cook

Sometimes when you make an apple pie, it begs to be shared with the world. The same goes for goulash, pancakes, cupcakes and Eggs Benedict. You can’t help it. You’ve got a skill, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be talking about it online. Although plenty of food blogs exist, it’s still a viable way to make money online, so why not sit down after you eat that delicious meal and type in what ingredients you used and the steps it took to make it into something special? That’s what food blogging is all about.