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Visual Appeal, Truthful Information... Get it All by Viewing Our Exclusive Infographics

There is no doubt that people love visual representations of information. More commonly known as infographics, these innovative ways of displaying useful content are a favorite among website visitors. In fact, we are sure you are agreeing with us right now when we say infographics are great because:

  • They grab your attention. Attraction to visual elements on a website is not unusual. They strike a special nerve in your body that automatically says, “Hey, come check me out.”
  • They boost your memory. It is almost certain that the websites you can recall the easiest have a specific type of personalized logo. Well, infographics have the same effect. Only instead of instilling brand recognition, they cement important information in your mind to help you make decisions later on about your WordPress website.
  • They are accessible. Finding high-quality infographics in search results is easy if the infographic has gone viral. Moreover, not many websites take the time to craft so many effective infographics for their readers. That means Nimbus Themes’ infographics are always going to rank high.
  • They are easy to understand. Laying out information in a condensed and visual way makes understanding difficult concepts easier. In addition, it eliminates the boredom effect.
  • They are persuasive. The clear manner in which infographics are presented can be more persuasive than a long-form blog post. Statistics, numbers, and images appeal to your senses and make you feel comfortable in knowing the facts are true.
  • They are easy to remember. You tend to remember 10% of what you hear, 20% of what you read, and 80% of what you see and do. This makes infographics easier to recall.

If you were nodding your head yes to all of the above, it is time you check out our exclusive Infographics section. Dedicated to providing you comparisons of some of the most important WordPress-related concepts, our infographics will have you reeling with information in no time.

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