23+ WordPress Themes for Plumbers and other Skilled Labor Professionals

If you’re a plumber or service-industry professional, how do potential customers find out about you? Years ago, you might have had a listing in the Yellow Pages, or maybe you relied on word of mouth when people were satisfied with your work. Although word of mouth can help, these marketing tactics are not your best bet when it comes to boosting your business and making it so that people are flocking to you for help.

17+ Amazing Boutique WordPress Themes for Your Small Business, Clothing Store, or Fashion Website

In the business world, a boutique could sometimes refer to a simple small business. For example, a boutique talent agency is one that’s considered to be more of a startup. However, if you search for a boutique on Yelp you’ll find an onslaught of clothing stores in your area. Since that’s generally what people think of when hearing the word boutique, it’s reasonable to assume that a boutique WordPress theme is going to cater to those who are running their own small clothing stores. However, that’s not always going to be the case, so we compiled a list of WordPress themes that address all types of boutiques. Overall, it’s reasonable to assume that boutiques have a certain amount of cuteness to them. You wouldn’t expect to see name brands in a boutique, and the people working there are certainly not going to be a bunch of hired hands by a large chain. Customers would typically refer to a boutique as more quaint and enjoyable than a big store like Kohl’s or Target, and much of it has to do with the environment let off by the store.

12+ Brewery WordPress Themes for Breweries, Pubs, and Homebrewers

We are living in the age of microbreweries, an exciting time for fans of specialty beers. Smaller breweries and pubs generally get their start on the local level where great word of mouth can be a business’s best ally. As they seek to expand, however, it’s essential to have an attractive, functional website that conveys their personality, as well as the quality of their products.

12+ Well-Built WordPress Themes for Modern IT Companies and Hosting Sites

For the past few decades we’ve seen many ups and downs in the tech world. Companies have risen and fallen, while others have surged forward to become dominant in just about every industry known to man (AKA Amazon). With this onslaught of technology, it’s not uncommon that a significant number of IT companies, technology businesses and hosting sites are around to manage the entire infrastructure. Think about it: Every time someone opens a new website they will need to either pay someone for hosting or consider their own self-hosting through a separate company. That’s why hundreds of reputable hosting companies are around to cater to different types of businesses and offer a wide variety of services and products.

11+ Technology Blog WordPress Themes for IT News, Events, and Businesses

A technology blog runs the gamut in terms of what content it wants to concentrate on. After all, there’s plenty to talk about, so you could focus on something as simple as hosting options for a new website, or latest tech gadgets and smartphones. If you search for technology blogs online, you’ll find that plenty of them discuss niche topics, while others are more catered to just about everything in the tech world. Depending on what you are looking for, you may need a tech news theme that caters to your needs.

Boston Pro by Famethemes Review: An Uncomplicated Blogging Theme With Visual Flair

We’re always on the lookout for modern and simple WordPress themes made just for bloggers. Going with a free theme is completely fine, but it’s far from what you’re going to want if you’re trying to monetize your blog. We recommend a premium theme for the new blogger who wants to make money from her website since it establishes the brand right off the bat, and you can spend more time writing and less time worrying about how your site looks.

10+ Best WordPress Frameworks and Theme Packages for Builders, Developers and Businesses

A WordPress framework has one primary function: To assist the development of themes and websites. Therefore, a framework presents a code library for getting started with the construction of a theme, expediting the development time and minimizing problems like security holes and transferring over custom styling. A framework consists of a parent theme and child theme, where the overall theme functionality resides in the parent theme and the custom styling is in the child theme.

10+ Best Free Church and Charity WordPress Themes for Fundraising, Community and other Helpful Websites

Praise the heavens, because we have a great article for you! Some people might find it strange for a church to have a website, but we’ve found that churches, and other religious organizations, are some of the best customers when it comes to WordPress themes. These churches require communication with their congregations, and that includes event calendars, homilies, priest information, and much more.

Should You Consider WordPress Multisite?

Raise your hand if you have more than one website. Don’t be shy; I know it can be addicting. After all, launching your first website is an exciting adventure, especially when you do it all by yourself with the help of WordPress. It’s only natural that you want to feel that sense of accomplishment again and bring your next big idea to life. In fact, you probably have two or three sites under your belt. But, if you’re like most WordPress users, you’re probably logging into each website separately. In that case, you know the hassle of managing multiple sites. You have to update WordPress, themes, and plugins on one site, and then repeat the process for every other website you operate.

Embed a Google Form in Your WordPress Site with these Simple Steps

Whether you are looking to collect user feedback, create client questionnaires, customer satisfaction surveys or contact forms, you will at some point need to generate a form for your website. Now, you probably know there are a ton of plugins and paid services that can help you achieve this, but before you wander off to plugin land, consider for a moment an alternative solution: Google Forms. These free, basic forms are a cinch to integrate into your site, and today we’re going to walk you through exactly how to embed a Google form to your website and get the most out of the data collection process.

Newsmag Pro – A Great Newspaper and Magazine WordPress Theme with Top-Notch Support

Looking to be the next Arianna Huffington? Well get ready for a tumultuous, yet invigorating work life filled with story hunts, writer management, and appealing to readers who demand the best from every article. It sounds tough, but you’re bound to discover a world filled with stories and interesting people. Not to mention, you don’t have to be an experienced web designer to launch and manage your website.