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Nothing Makes a Good Day Better Than Getting Something for Free!

Have you ever turned down a freebie that was beneficial to your WordPress website?

We hope not! That’s why we make a strong effort to provide our loyal readers with freebies related to WordPress whenever we can. Finding free items to use for your website, besides the typical free theme or plugin, can be tough. More so, finding free items that are reliable, secure, and usable make the hunt for freebies even more difficult.

However, here in the Freebies section you can find fun stuff like:

  • Design Features. Explore Photoshop patterns, background textures, fonts, and design tools for creating your own personalized doodles.
  • Stock Photography. Pick from unique stock photography bundles and bring some life to your website. Royalty-free, filter-friendly, some not even requiring attribution, these beautiful images will save you money and impress your site visitors.
  • Contests. Join the fun and enter one of our contests to win a free prize that is sure to add some spice to your WordPress website.

Visit our Freebies section regularly and see what’s new. You have nothing to lose and only cool things to gain!

The Latest Free Goodies

13 Free Urban Website Backgrounds for the Modern Creative

The definition of urban has come to take on many connotations over the years. From its basic definition: of, relating to, or designating a city or town; living in a city, or characteristic of or accustomed to cities (aka citified), to its more secondary meaning: dominated by a racial minority, usually African American, there is a lot of confusion out there as to what exactly it means to be urban.

15 of the Very Best FREE Nature Backgrounds for Use on Your Website

Photography has always been a crucial element to a well-designed website. However, with so many tacky stock images out there, it can be tough to find imagery that enhances your website.

Fortunately, there are plenty of websites out there offering website owners free (and beautiful looking) stock images. Forget the days of adding a cheesy looking clip art image, or a commonly used stock image on your website. In fact, some of the free images I am going to share with you are so stunning, you may find it hard to believe they are free.

30 Free Handwritten Calligraphy Elements for Your Sidebar or Blog

As a graphic designer, I’m completely in love with all those lovely handwritten scripts and calligraphy fonts you see all over the Internet these days. Chalk art, flourishes, modern scripts – the trend is fierce, and I’m diggin’ it!

I myself am an amateur calligrapher–I love destressing at night with some tunes on Pandora, a glass of wine, my dip pen and ink, writing out a gagillion practice sheets. I’ve wanted to start getting more involved with my calligraphy and finding practical ways to use it in my daily life. So that’s why I’ve created this awesome set of 30 free calligraphy elements for your website – all sorts of useful blog-related words written out in a fancy handwritten script, and then turned into images for you to use however you’d like. These images could be possibly used for titles in your sidebar, on featured images or Pinterest posts… the options are endless.

Vintage Bird + Flower Pattern

Today’s awesome design freebie is a vintage/retro bird and flower pattern, good as both a Photoshop pattern and an Illustrator pattern. It was inspired by some retro fabric I recently fell in love with. It’s a playful, creative, and retro pattern, and it’s free to you! The pattern download includes an .ai file with pattern swatch, .pat file of the design, and a lossless, high-res .png for use in any other digital art program.

7 Royalty Free Victorian Damask Background Textures

For today’s design freebie, we’re giving away a pack of seven Victorian damask background textures. These textures are web-ready with faded gradient edges on each so you don’t have to do anything to prep them; simply change your site’s background color to the color referenced above each image so it continues to fade to that specific color for larger screen sizes. The images are 1400 x 1400 pixels, giving you a lot of space to work with. I’ve cut a width-wide slice of each so you can get a preview of the background textures (they’ve also been reduced in size from 1400 px to 685 px).

Free Vintage Country Stock Photography

Need some vintage country photos for your next project and can’t get out of the city? We’ve got you covered!

This set of royalty-free, filter-friendly stock photography features some beat up, rusty cars, a boat graveyard, a doorway that’s seen better days and a forgotten tree in the distance of a golden wheatfield. It’s nature. It’s American, through and through.

Free Boat Stock Photography: Bundle No. 2

Continuing in our free stock photography series, this photo bundle is all about boating and life at the marina. While Evan and I dream of someday having a sailboat, a trip down to the marina when visiting his hometown provides us with a little snapshot of the seafaring culture, and that’s enough to go on for now. The thought of days spent reading books, toes dipped into pristine water with the catamaran bobbing somewhere in the Caribbean doesn’t sound like a half bad retirement (that is, of course, sans the insane depreciation, continual upkeep and maintenance, cabin fever that’s bound to happen sooner or later, isolation and creepy pirates). 😉

Free Stock Photography Bundle No. 1: Prairie

Photography was a passion of mine long before getting into the design world. When we started the company, our first purchase was a Nikon D300, and we took it everywhere, snapping images of the shoreline in the Redwoods, cows munching in a field, pheasant hunts on the prairie in middle America with my family. We even started a street style photography blog while living in Portland – one of our first forays into the blogging world. I found it easy to snap the images, not so easy to approach random strangers and ask them to hold still and SMILE! while I clicked away. So instead, we moved onto nature and still life photography.

Handdrawn Doodle Brushes for Photoshop

These handdrawn doodle brushes for Photoshop are AWESOME!!! They’re fun, hi-resolution, and can be used to create a lot of different designs. Import them into Illustrator for additional manipulation. Download free Photoshop brushes below, and use them however you please. There are nearly 30 brushes in the set to give you a lot of ammo to work with when using them in your next design.

I <3 handdrawn graphics… it lends a crafty, personal touch to the Internet–always a good thing!

Free Seamless Illustrator Pattern: Damask

This free seamless Illustrator pattern is of an antique Victorian damask pattern available for you to download. If you’re a Photoshop nut, we’ve also included the Photoshop pattern file for you to use there too. Damask is a very popular type of Victorian pattern and is characterized by repeating floral designs, creating a mesmerizing effect.

Free Retro Nature PS & AI Pattern Pack

3 free retro nature patterns for Photoshop and Illustrator.

Two of the patterns are adapted from vintage fabric pieces, and the other is just something I made up in Illustrator. Illustrator, as you might suspect, is a great program for creating illustrations. You can do a lot with minimal effort, and it’s easy to add patterns, textures, gradients, 3D elements, and other special effects to get a unique look. Try playing around with patterns in Illustrator, even if you are just going to bring them into Photoshop. The highlight to this is that if you start out with a pattern in Illustrator and then take it into Photoshop, you can scale the image size in Photoshop and define it as a pattern so you get perfectly clear resolution no matter what size the pattern. You also have a lot more freedom to easily manipulate things in Illustrator.

Cool Background Image: Colorful Spectrum

On the eve of this new year, we thought it would be appropriate to share a festive, abstract colorful spectrum background image. The spectrum background was created in Photoshop using the noise, motion, and box blur filters, with some gradient overlays and blending applied as well. It’s a pretty neat effect for a background image. The background would look great as a background banner image for your site, in photo manipulations, and anything else you can think of. The file is a .png (was produced in 16-bit color) and is 1248 x 1200 pixels.