Google Apps Free – With Full Access to All Apps

Here at Nimbus Themes, we use Google Apps for Work tools to drive just about all of our business administration processes. When we generate a quote for new client work it happens in a Google Spreadsheet. When we write an article or compile content it happens in a Google Doc. We use Gmail via Google Apps to drive our communication alongside Hangouts and Google Chat. Our data backup handled by Google Drive giving us peace of mind that we’ll never lose the important documents and files that are the underpinnings of our/any business.

The Best Email Service For Business

We’ve helped many small businesses set up websites over the last decade – it’s one of the first concrete steps most businesses take to create a public presence. Typically, the process begins with purchasing a domain name and (far too often) setting up email using an email server provided by the host. Unfortunately, this leaves your business email open to the fluctuations and downtime of the hosting provider.

Our Favorite WordPress News Resources

Notable news happens fast in the world of WordPress, and it’s important to keep on top of the latest goings-ons with WordPress news, web development, security and the rest. But where do you start making sense of all the news and of which blogs are worth reading? Here, we give you a list of our favorite WordPress news resources – the ones you can trust to bring you relevant, up-to-date important headlines on all the latest happenings in WordPress.

Choosing the Best Place to Buy WordPress Themes for Your Business

Kendall and I have been building WordPress-based websites for clients since 2008 through our web-services business Shea Media. In 2008, our enterprise consisted of two laptops, a couple notepads, coffee, and a lot of adrenaline. Since then, we’ve immersed ourselves in everything WordPress and have built a business that we’re extremely proud of with a collection of dedicated and loyal clients and now hundreds of thousands of theme users. We attribute our success to three things:

Quality: We’ve never taken our eyes off the ultimate goal, which is to provide the client with a final website that they are proud of. This means creating carefully crafted websites with clean code and beautiful designs.

Professionalism: From day one, we made a commitment to pick up every phone call we could and never put off until tomorrow a hard conversation the we could resolve for a client today. This translates into quality of service and makes for happy customers.

Consistency: You don’t have to be the best at everything to give great service to consumers of your service. Not everyone can develop the next Facebook platform, but if you’re honest with your clients about what you can deliver, and reliably and consistently deliver on that, you’ll be doing far better than most of your competition.

WordPress News Roundup: Top Headlines, August 22-29

This week in the world of WordPress: Jason Schuller, formerly of Press75, talks about his experience as a WordPress theme creator and business owner. Google Analytics and some simple code make it easier to monitor your site’s responsiveness on mobile devices. A tour of WordPress 4.0, why JetPack is getting even cooler, and the rise and fall of the post format. Read on for more…

Interview with Nimbus Themes’ Contest Winner Miles Linklater

Last week, Nimbus Themes closed our first-ever giveaway contest. We are happy to announce that Miles Linklater of 24pt. Helvetica was the lucky winner of a 1-year ALL ACCESS Nimbus membership. This gives him access to all our WordPress themes and those to come in the next year, along with a year’s worth of updates and support.

We had the opportunity to get to know Mr. Linklater and his work, and we would like to showcase a bit for you today. Miles’ story is a great example of how to combine one’s interests and skill set into a satisfying profession. How’d he do it? Read on for more…