Get your themes in front of the right customers!

This is at the heart of succeeding as a WordPress theme foundry, and we’ve made it easy for you to target your perfect demographic with guaranteed placement theme listings on the Nimbus Themes Magazine!

How does it work?

It’s super easy!

  1. All you need to do is browse our theme roundups to find those that best represent your target audience.
  2. Then contact us at

That’s literally all there is to it!!

What to Expect

Many themes listed on the Nimbus Magazine receive upwards of 2,000 click-through visits each month. Each visitor is a warm lead. All you have to do is convert them!

The visits you receive will be super targeted warm leads that should convert better than any PPC advertising campaign. Just think what 500 or 1,000 Google Adwords leads would cost you and you’ll understand the value of these listings.

How to Convert

Premium Theme Roundups: Our premium theme roundups are keyworded to attract premium theme shoppers who are actively looking to purchase a theme. You’ll have the opportunity to link to both your sales page and a theme demo. We tend to see a slightly higher click-through rate on the demo buttons, so be sure to display your theme in a branded theme switcher with a “Buy Now” button.

Free Theme Roundups: Our free theme posts are a little more work to capitalize on, but will be worth every drop of effort as they are highly trafficked. You’ll need to have a free version of your theme, but rather than directing visits at the free theme information page, you’ll want to create a custom landing page that outlines all the benefits of your premium version. Additionally, you can require that visitors provide an email address in order to download the free theme so you build an epic marketing list!

Get started now! Find the right theme roundups for your themes.