10+ Best WordPress Frameworks and Theme Packages for Builders, Developers and Businesses

A WordPress framework has one primary function: To assist the development of themes and websites. Therefore, a framework presents a code library for getting started with the construction of a theme, expediting the development time and minimizing problems like security holes and transferring over custom styling. A framework consists of a parent theme and child theme, where the overall theme functionality resides in the parent theme and the custom styling is in the child theme.

10+ Best Free Church and Charity WordPress Themes for Fundraising, Community and other Helpful Websites

Praise the heavens, because we have a great article for you! Some people might find it strange for a church to have a website, but we’ve found that churches, and other religious organizations, are some of the best customers when it comes to WordPress themes. These churches require communication with their congregations, and that includes event calendars, homilies, priest information, and much more.

35+ WordPress Newspaper Themes For Online Edition Newspapers, Magazines, and News Blogs 2017

You don’t have to be the New York Times to provide quality news to the world. In fact, one could argue that the physical newspaper business is quickly disappearing to make room for digital and online newspapers. From the Huffington Post to TechCrunch, online newspapers are just as good, if not better than their predecessors, and that’s why it’s such as viable business. And you can build your own using WordPress newspaper themes.

29+ WordPress Themes for Actors, Actresses, Models and Agencies

Acting is a tough profession from the start. Whether you strive to act in movies, TV shows, plays, commercials or musicals, the industry can quickly show you how difficult it is to succeed. However, with the internet, you have a wide range of opportunities to connect with other actors and share your headshots, scenes and resume with people who can make your career dreams come true.

135+ Best WordPress Bootstrap Themes for Every Situation

Developers may hear about Twitter Bootstrap and wonder exactly what it means in terms of designing new websites and building platforms for clients.

The same developers may wonder why a bootstrap theme is more desirable than a regular WordPress theme. In theory, a WordPress theme and Bootstrap framework are similar, because they are both used by developers who don’t want to start making a theme or website from scratch.

20+ Awesome Tumblr Style WordPress Themes for your Blogging Website

The whole point of Tumblr is to allow users to share anything they want online. It provides a hosting solution for your photos, animated GIFs, videos, documents, and more. Anyone can signup for Tumblr to construct their own little blog about anything. After that, people can comment on your posts, share them or simply tell you that they like the posts. Overall, it’s a streamlined version of a regular WordPress blog, focusing on simplicity and modern interfaces.

16+ Top Multimedia WordPress Themes that are perfect for all of your Audio and Video Gallery needs

Multimedia ties in quite a few different forms of entertainment. The good part is that all of these multimedia examples are useful on a website. For example, video works nicely for sharing quick information or for attempting a viral video of some sort. Audio is a must-have for musicians, podcasters, radios and more. In addition, images are pretty much used by every company out there. The only problem is that multimedia slows down your site. It has the ability to destroy site performance so much that people stop coming to check out your content.

85+ Best Interior Design WordPress Themes and Furniture Templates for Consultants, Shops, and Design Firms

If you run an interior design or furniture company, people find your business by searching for the closest relevant option in the area and giving you a call after checking out your website. It’s the way the world works today, and that means you need a solid website to share details about your business and get people to walk through your doors or call you for an interior design quote.

20+ Free Minimal WordPress Themes perfect for Bloggers, Photographers and anyone else looking for a Content-Focused Website

Trends come and go in the web design world, but minimalism seems to be sticking around. In fact, every type of design industry seems to somehow make its way back to the simpler times, allowing for more functionality and less flair. The point of a minimal website is to put most of the focus on the content that matters, as opposed to having flashy animations, 3D-looking web elements, and too many moving parts.

20+ Attention-Grabbing WordPress News Themes for Bloggers, Reporters and News Agencies

When news strikes, the best reporters are on the scene and ready to report it to the world. However, that world is changing as more print magazines and newspapers become obsolete and consumers are turning to online sources. From the Huffington Post to your favorite movie blogger, news outlets are constantly publishing articles online, and quite often through the WordPress interface.

20+ Amazing and Free Small Business WordPress Themes For Start-Ups and other looking to build a great Shopping Website

Remember the Yellow Pages? Gone are the days of searching for relevant and interesting businesses through the trusty old books. Today, customers are far more likely to open up a browser, then search for “hardware stores” or “flowers shops” in their area. Therefore, all small businesses need their own websites. Even if you’re not constantly updating the website with content, you’re going to need a presence for Google to index the site and deliver results to customers.