7+ Free Directory WordPress Themes for your Listing or Review Website

Online directories vary in many different ways. The most popular directory website is probably Yelp, since it delivers all sorts of information, ratings, and reviews about local restaurants and other companies. On the other hand, you can find niche directories for gaming sites, WordPress theme companies, and more. Some of these directories are completely free, while others require you to pay a fee.

20+ College WordPress Themes for Public or Private Universities and Online Higher Learning

Think about how students find information about the schools they’re going to opt for in the future. Whether we’re talking about high school students trying to locate the schools that offer majors of their choice, or if we’re thinking about students who could use an online learning program while working a full time or part time job. Sometimes college websites are merely for information, while other sites are built with huge infrastructures and online course functionality.

35+ Kids WordPress Themes for Children, Schools, Shops and More!

Kids are taking over the internet whether you like it or not. They’re accessing videos through YouTube, and sometimes becoming stars by making their own content. Kids use the internet for school work, shopping, playing games and more. Some parents would like to stop it, but the future is here, and it belongs to the kids. Heck, if you turn on Shark Tank, they even have dedicated shows to kids who have created million-dollar online businesses.

30+ Best WordPress Personal Blog Themes For Lifestyle, Travel, and the Everyday Blogger 2022

People set up personal blogs for many reasons. From travel blogs designed to chronicle your latest adventures through Spain to recipe blogs for cataloguing your best dishes, these sites capture a bit your personality. While they’re often not monetized, a professional appearance is still preferable and you can achieve that with one of these WordPress personal blog themes.

11+ Impressive Vertical Menu WordPress Themes for Portfolios, Freelancers or anyone looking to build a Creative Website

You might have noticed the growing trend of vertical menus on websites. It may get you wondering what the point of it is, or even how to implement this on your own website. Well, you’re in luck, because we’re not only going to explain why so many sites utilize the vertical menu, but we’ll also present several vertical menu WordPress themes for you to sift through and use for your own clients or individual sites.

30+ WordPress Themes for Event Booking that are Attention-Grabbing and Responsive

What kind of events are you trying to hold? Whether you’re selling tickets for your band’s summer tour or looking to bring in people who would like to listen to a guest speaker at your business, the goal is to accumulate a significant amount of event-goers. Your best first step in picking a venue for your event is to collect bookings through a website. The only problem is that a booking page takes lots of programming knowledge because of its complexity. However, booking pages are nothing new, so there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel.

24+ Content Sharing WordPress Themes for Bloggers, Social-Media, and Many More!

The idea of content sharing involves the process of finding cool articles, videos, images and other forms of media and distributing it to your followers. Many of these content sharing platforms don’t even make their own content, rather they use their website as an aggregation engine for people to come there and locate the best information on the internet.

11+ Free Music WordPress Themes Perfect for Bands, Music Stores or Nightclubs

Selling tickets for a band has become far easier than it used to be. A simple online shop sends out downloadable tickets to the fans and music lovers, all through a secure system. Although the music industry is in a tough spot with the internet, musicians, bands, music stores, and even night clubs are finding creative ways to still make money, connect with fans, and establish followings with websites and other digital marketing tactics.

12+ Best Daily Deals WordPress Themes for your eCommerce or Coupon Website

We’ve all seen the success that sites like Groupon has had, so it’s no wonder that the thought of building a daily deals websites is popping up like crazy. It’s clear that daily deals are known to create urgency with consumers, so webmasters of all experience levels are either implementing daily deal tools on their current eCommerce shops or making sites completely filled with these daily deals.

11+ Free WordPress Bootstrap Themes to Jump-Start Your Website-Building

What’s Bootstrap you ask? Well, it’s a somewhat complex idea, but in general you can think of it as an opensource collection of tools and resources that are used to build a website. Bootstrap is actually similar to a WordPress theme, in that it serves as a way for developers to create something without beginning from scratch. After all, there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel if something has already been created for you to start with.

18+ Easy WordPress Themes for Simple Websites and Users Who Are New to WordPress

Whether you are a first time WordPress user or a seasoned professional, it’s always a relief to find that the WordPress theme you’ve chosen to work with is easy to set up and straightforward to maintain. While this it not always possible, many theme companies have worked very hard to find ways to provide enormous amounts of feature richness without overly complicating the user interface.

14+ Free Automotive WordPress Themes for your Dealership, Car Repair Business, or Towing Company

As a car buyer, your options for finding the perfect automobile have flourished over the past few decades. You can go online, check reviews, consumer reports, safety ratings, pricing comparisons, and much more. Not only that, but the internet allows us to customize and purchase cars online, while still being able to connect with the local used and new car salespeople. In short, car buying has never been easier.

21+ Best Google AdSense-Optimized WordPress Themes for Magazines, Bloggers, and Startups

Imagine bringing in a consistent income simply by posting advertisements on your blog or magazine. Think about paying a selection of writers to generate quality content while you sit back and manage the whole operation from the comfort of your own home or office. This is the goal for so many bloggers and magazine creators. And if you want to make it work, a Google AdSense optimized WordPress theme is a great way to get started.

19+ Free WordPress Gaming Themes for Videogame blogs, Reviews, and Online Game Shops

From magazines to app stores to comparison sites and more, the world of gaming continues to expand with its overwhelming popularity. Whether you’re into mobile app games or first-person shooters on Xbox, you may find yourself wanting to create your own game and sell it online, or even make an online magazine to review the games you’ve played recently. Regardless of your motivation, the idea behind building a website for your gaming endeavor may seem a little intimidating.

9+ SEO Optimized WordPress Themes for Businesses, E-Commerce or Anyone Else Who Wants To Be Seen

When building a website, regardless of the customers and overall business strategy, it helps to get noticed. Some 40 years ago this required you to have a listing in the phone book. You might also get some radio spots or billboards. Although a few of those marketing tools are still effective today, the phone book has transformed into something completely different. That’s right. It’s the internet. Search engines like Google and Bing are the only companies you need to utilize in order to make an impression on internet browsers.

17 Knowledge Base WordPress Themes for FAQ, Wiki, and other Customer Support Websites

The knowledge base means so much to users and technology companies. It’s not only a tool for people to come and learn about a software or app, but it helps these technology companies cut down on the amount of tech support they would generally have to offer as an alternative to the knowledge base. Not only do they cut down on the amount of tech support, they also save time, both for customers and the company itself, because the answers are readily available for everyone once you add them to your website. Your users will appreciate the fact that they don’t have to spend hours waiting in support queue to get answers they need.