Free Stock Photography - Prairie No. 1

Free Stock Photography Bundle No. 1: Prairie

Photography was a passion of mine long before getting into the design world. When we started the company, our first purchase was a Nikon D300, and we took it everywhere, snapping images of the shoreline in the Redwoods, cows munching in a field, pheasant hunts on the prairie in middle America with my family. We even started a street style photography blog while living in Portland – one of our first forays into the blogging world. I found it easy to snap the images, not so easy to approach random strangers and ask them to hold still and SMILE! while I clicked away. So instead, we moved onto nature and still life photography.

Prairie Stock Photography

In these shots, I have attempted to capture the timelessness and heartwrenching desolation of the Midwest. The prairie goes on for miles, wheat spans far past the horizon, and one dirt road leads in and out of one-stoplight towns. The wind doesn’t let up for days on end. It is a harsh kind of beautiful.

Anymore, between our work hours and caring for our little girl, there’s not much time to commit to photography. We do, however, have a great stockpile of photos just waiting to be released to the public. So we’ll be regularly giving away image packs here on the Nimbus Mag.

Free Photography for Web People

As a way of giving back to the web community, we wanted to start sharing snippets of our personal stock photography collection with you. We know that quality free stock photography is not easy to come by, and we’ve ended up creating our own stock sets more than a time or two for our free WordPress themes. Use these photos for your site’s background image, as featured images in posts, and wherever you see fit on your site. If you like them, please spread the word via your favorite social media networks at the bottom of the page.

These images were taken several years ago in the heartland of America during a pheasant hunt. Don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the shooting of this footage! The set of four images is free for you to use in adherence with the Creative Commons license as outlined below.

Free Stock Photography - Prairie No. 4

The road to Bunker Hill

Free Stock Photography - Prairie No. 3

Prairie nation

Free Stock Photography - Prairie No. 1

Hay bales on a shorn field

Free Stock Photography - Prairie No. 2

A field in the sun

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Please link to this page when providing image attribution.

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