Seashore Stock Photography

Seashore Stock Photography: Bundle No. 3

Technology really has transformed the concept of the remote office, hasn’t it? We haven’t seemed to be able to make the leap yet into complete, primarily because of our dependence on high-speed internet and our huge desktop workstation setup, but the guy in this image seems to have the right idea.

These free stock photography images of the seashore were taken during a road trip down through Oregon and along the coast of northern California. By northern, I mean that area of California that makes you think you are somewhere on the Washington coast – where the fog doesn’t burn off until afternoon most days and the gray-on-gray portrait of sky meeting water is not unfamiliar. We were lucky this day – it was sunny and relatively warm. While my friends walked the beach, I snapped shots and came across this fellow sitting in a camping chair in front of his RV, parked in a pull-off on the 101 coastal highway, on his laptop. I probably should’ve been taking notes on his setup – a reliable satellite internet connection is crucial for an on-the-go office!

It being 4th of July weekend here in the States, we hope you are enjoying the time with your family and friends, whether barbecuing in your backyard or taking some time to go lay on a beach somewhere. And if you’re on your computer reading this, go ahead and download some free stock photography images of the seashore to use in your next web project – as slider backgrounds, placeholder images, etc. Then, finish up your work, go find some water and relax!

Free Stock Photography - Seashore

Working remotely – the new office

Free Stock Photography - Seashore

Rocky Shoreline

Free Stock Photography - Seashore

Walk along the bay

Free Stock Photography - Seashore

Northern California Seashore

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