Vintage Country Stock Photo Set

Free Vintage Country Stock Photography

Need some vintage country photos for your next project and can’t get out of the city? We’ve got you covered!

This set of royalty-free, filter-friendly stock photography features some beat up, rusty cars, a boat graveyard, a doorway that’s seen better days and a forgotten tree in the distance of a golden wheatfield. It’s nature. It’s American, through and through. The filters used are a combination of some of my favorite Photoshop actions and custom tweaking to get a desired effect. In the days of pop-photo-pay-sites like, it’s nice to have just some plain and simple, filter-rich photography at your fingertips.

Vintage Filter Nature Photography

These images are licensed as Creative Commons images, so just attribution is required (more info in the link below). Our aim is to provide images to the web community that will work in those high-impact visual areas on your site, such as full-width sliders or banners, featured image areas, inclusion in posts, and more.

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Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Please link to this page when providing image attribution.

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