Boats #4

Free Boat Stock Photography: Bundle No. 2

Continuing in our free stock photography series, this photo bundle is all about boating and life at the marina. While Evan and I dream of someday having a sailboat, a trip down to the marina when visiting his hometown provides us with a little snapshot of the seafaring culture, and that’s enough to go on for now. The thought of days spent reading books, toes dipped into pristine water with the catamaran bobbing somewhere in the Caribbean doesn’t sound like a half bad retirement (that is, of course, sans the insane depreciation, continual upkeep and maintenance, cabin fever that’s bound to happen sooner or later, isolation and creepy pirates). 😉

Boats Stock Photography

Hopefully these images can suffice for you as well. Please use them as you see fit, they’re licensed as Creative Commons images so just attribution is required (more info in the link below). Our aim is to provide images to the web community that will work in those high-impact visual areas on your site, such as full-width sliders or banners, featured image areas, inclusion in posts, and more. If you like this series, please tell your friends! Share it on your favorite social networking sites by using the Share buttons below the Download button.

And speaking of pirates, if you want a great, modern-day overview of what it takes to sail around the world and embark on other equally awesome adventures, check out the good folks over at Bumfuzzle. They’re doing some pretty rad things with their family of 4! Their kids will have some great memories when they get older.

Man and sailboats

Sailboats through the Viewfinder

Boats Widescreen

Happy little boats floating on the water

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