Spredfast vs Sprinklr - Which Social CMS is Best?

Spredfast v Sprinklr: A Social Media CMS Showdown

Did you know that, by 2018, it is estimated that there will be nearly 2.67 billion social media users worldwide?

This startling statistic is sure to remind you of the importance social media plays when it comes to your online success. Whether you publish regular blog content, run an online store, or are a new indie pop band looking to self-promote, you are going to have to integrate social media into your overall marketing strategy.

For those who want to implement a serious social media marketing strategy into their business plan, you are going to want to consider using a high-quality social media content management system.

Rather than simply adding social media icons to your website to encourage social shares and follows, a social media CMS will take care of everything from community management to customer care, marketing strategies to social media management. In short, a social media CMS serves as a comprehensive social media tool for connecting with your target audience in the broadest and most user-friendly way.

Today we are going to look at two of the best social media content management systems – Spredfast and Sprinklr – in an effort to help hone your social media marketing efforts and take your website’s success to the next level. Altogether, by offering valuable insight into what each solution offers, we are convinced you will be able to find the best solution for your individual needs.

Why is Social Media Integration Important?

Weaving social media interactions into your overall marketing strategies, whether you are looking to gain followers, boost site engagement, or increase sales, is one of the most effective ways to grow your website’s success.

Connects With Your Audience

If you are looking to grow a successful business, you must know your target audience. One way of doing this is to actively interact with them and see what they like, what they need, and how you can help. Social media platforms provide the perfect way to quickly and efficiently connect with audience members new and old so that you can get answers to these burning questions.

Expands Your Audience Base

One of the true measures of a successful business is the sheer number of customers you have. If you are aiming to establish yourself as a true authority in your industry, you are going to need to think bigger than who you can reach in your local region. Websites offer international audiences a wonderful platform for receiving valuable information. However, social media gives you the power to drive those international visitors to your website to benefit from what you have to offer.

Improves Customer Service

In a recent American Express survey, 78% of respondants stated that they intentionally abandoned a transaction or failed to make an intended purchase due to poor customer service.


If you are looking for ways to prevent this kind of thing from happening with your customers, it is time to up your customer service game. And, it just so happens that social media offers business owners a great way to respond quickly to customer complaints, questions, and concerns quickly and efficiently.

Drive Organic Traffic

SEO efforts are a mainstay when it comes to owning an online business. That said, social media can aid in your efforts to boost organic traffic thanks to its dynamic nature. Sharing, liking, and commenting on your social media posts will expose your brand to people you may have never reached otherwise.

It’s a Money Saver

Getting involved with social media is a relatively inexpensive endeavor. In fact, so long as you have a computer and an internet connection, there is no real reason why you can’t get online and start interacting with your customers and sparking interest among new followers.

What is Spredfast?

Spredfast - Social Media CMS

Spredfast is a powerful social marketing software company that provides social management, marketing tools, customer care, and real-time analytics to online businesses. It helps business owners connect with clients, customers, and the people that matter to them. Plus, it allows businesses the chance to create effective marketing campaigns and monitor their success.

For example, here are some things you can do with Spredfast:

  • Manage all social media accounts from one location
  • Provide exceptional customer care to those in need
  • Gather social media data to guide further marketing efforts
  • Create branded contests, sweepstakes, and surveys

In the end, Spredfast aims to provide business owners with an effective platform for improving and managing their social media, as well as reaping all the benefits that come with doing so.

What is Sprinklr?

Sprinklr - Social Media CMS

Sprinklr is an online solution offering website owners a complete social media management system. It boasts being able to help businesses with things like marketing, advertising, customer care, sales, and research. Additionally, it fosters a team-oriented atmosphere with improved collaboration efforts and increased customer engagement.

For instance, anyone using Sprinklr can do the following:

  • Plan, publish, and manage all website content
  • Manage marketing campaigns and receive actionable advice
  • Create advertisements to boost sales and meet customer needs
  • Watch your team work together with similar collaboration tools

Altogether, Sprinklr offers an out-of-the-box social media CMS solution for website owners looking to capitalize on the power of social media.

Spredfast versus Sprinklr: Which Social Media CMS is Best?


This social media CMS builds powerful online tools that center on what they call the four main aspects of social media: Conversations, Experiences, Intelligence, and Promotions.


Building and strengthening audience connections is the key to success as a business owner. By managing all of your social media accounts in one secure place, you arm your entire team with consistent tools to provide exceptional customer service to those in need. Plus, you can deliver compelling content on a regular basis to all of your social media accounts at once.

  • Schedule all content and publish on all major social media platforms
  • Take advantage of collaboration tools, image editing, paid support, and content management strategies
  • Target specific audience members
  • Utilize the mobile app


Use real-time data and make your social media campaigns stronger and more effective than ever before. For example, draw data from the major social media networks and devise solutions for making your presence stronger across all platforms. In addition, determine which type of content resonates the best amongst your target audience, view how your followers are engaging with your content and target them with things they like, and save all of these reports in beautiful visual layouts for later use.

  • Optimize keyword strategies
  • Compare social media activity across long periods of time
  • Discover trends and make changes to your content
  • See what competitors are doing


Find, curate, and share the best social media content and create user experiences your target audience will never forget. In fact, by getting to the core of what your customers want, you can create content that fits their needs and drive their interactions with you on social media to become more meaningful.

  • Source and curate trending and related content from networks
  • Protect your brand and user experiences with profanity filters, age-gating, and copyright approval processes
  • Track page views, visitor interactions, and overall experiences
  • Utilize any of the 50+ templates


Using Spredfast, create and manage contests, sweepstakes, surveys, feedback forms, newsletter signups, and more. For instance, use the simple drag-and-drop interface and the data you have collected about what resonates with your audience, and get them involved more than ever.

  • Spark interest, drive engagement, and gather valuable data about your visitors
  • Use the pre-packaged templates or customize your own
  • Publish interactive content on social media accounts
  • Export collected data into CRM, email, marketing automation, advertising, or the analytics system

In conclusion, Spredfast is a comprehensive social media CMS that bases all of its products around building stronger connections, engaging new and existing users, promoting your very best content, and managing it from one easy place.


Sprinklr is a complete social media management platform for large enterprises. Focusing on teamwork and customer interactions all from one place, Sprinklr provides solutions in the following categories: social, marketing, advertising, care, research, and commerce.


Listen to, engage with, and reach out to customers with Sprinklr’s social solution. For example, span 25 major social media networks and organize internal teams, establish workflows, automate processes, and improve team collaboration in all areas related to social media.

  • See where your customers are and how they engage with your brand
  • Post valuable and relevant content to networks
  • Monitor your customers’ interactions on social media and improve your marketing campaigns


Plan your marketing campaigns to reach across all social media platforms your target audience frequents. Plus, reach out via email and apps to build your brand and drive your business’ growth even more.

  • Generate insights for your campaigns by listening to your customers
  • Engage with real people, not just data points
  • Follow customers on social networks, forums, video, news sites, and review sites


Let the experts at Sprinklr help you plan, buy, and optimize media across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and moreAs a result, you can garner better leads and higher conversions.

  • Import first- and third-party data sources from across the web, including mobile, social, email, eCommerce, and CRM.
  • Reveal the truth about your products and services with high-quality ad campaigns
  • Apply real-time insight for serving up the right ad content to the right audience


Mend your customer service strategies so customers feel you truly care about their questions, concerns, and complaints. No matter who they are or where they engage, convince your customers you know who they are, what they are saying, and why.

  • Organize and track customer cases for quick and reliable responses
  • Automatically route issues through proper workflows
  • Provide self-service ways for customers to get the help they need


Capture meaningful and actionable feedback so you can gain insight into what your customers need. Plus, devise ways you can help them immediately.

  • Gather benchmarking insights to see what other related brands are doing for their consumer base
  • Track local customer interactions to see what brings them back
  • Leverage customer reviews so you can make improvements on your products, services, and customer care


Influence pre- and post-purchase decisions and increase sales with shoppable galleries, consumer focused content, and consistent customer experiences.

  • Enable customer comments, feedback, ratings, and reviews.
  • Use social media content to boost SEO efforts.
  • Manage all customer interactions, from lead to conversion, on one platform.

Altogether, Sprinklr is an immense platform for managing social media content, improving customer service, and gaining more revenue through the power that is social media.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. A showdown between two of the most all-inclusive social media content management systems on the market today. If you run an online business and hope to build and grow far beyond what you are at right now, consider utilizing one of these powerful platforms.

Social media is a way of life these days. It is not going to disappear anytime soon, and its influence on your customers is increasing by the day. So, take charge of your social media management and work your way to success one step at a time.

View our infographic on Spredfast vs. Sprinklr.

Have you ever used either Spredfast or Sprinklr for your social media management needs? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!


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