27+ Best Beautiful Video Background WordPress Themes for Building High-Impact Websites

Upon landing on a website, what’s an element that would grab your attention the most? Is it a parallax effect, an animation or maybe a stunning grid-based portfolio? What about a video background? A few decades ago a video background was not only difficult to complete, but it weighed down your website so much that you ended up hurting your user experience more than ever. Nowadays, it’s different, since the videos are compressed, they run smoothly and people have decent internet at their homes for processing these videos.

60+ Beautiful and Feminine WordPress Themes for Bloggers and Businesses

If you are a female blogger or business owner whose web presence depends on a strongly female audience, then you know the importance of creating and maintaining a cohesive brand that your users can relate to. And this is even more important when you are your brand. Mom blogs, design and craft blogs, and lifestyle websites are largely pioneered by a female authorship looking to connect with other women. So if you fall into this category, you might find yourself in search of a feminine WordPress theme that helps draw in your target demographic.

13+ Fabulous WordPress Themes for Bakeries 2021

Can you smell that?

It’s the enticing aroma of fresh pastries, loaves of bread, and cupcakes with sprinkles from the bakery down the street. Now, if you’re walking by a bakery, the smell alone is likely to make you want to walk in and buy something tasty. But what if you’re nowhere near the place? How can bakery owners entice customers? A stylish website is a good place to start and bakery WordPress themes can help with that.

13+ Gallery WordPress Themes for Photographers, Graphic Designers, or Any Creative Professional

Portfolios and galleries present a beautiful way for individuals and companies to share visual elements such as recent client work, latest projects, wedding photos, vacation photos, and more. The best galleries have additional tools to make it easy for users to scroll through, while also keeping the quality of the images intact. And the best gallery WordPress themes have these tools built right in.

Our Favorite 25+ Best WordPress Job Board Themes For Job and Freelance Websites 2021

If you’ve ever been on the hunt for a job, you’ve most likely checked out job boards online for finding the right companies and jobs for you. After all, unless your school has a job placement program or are using a headhunter, there aren’t that many outlets for finding work. And overall, a job board is one of the easiest ways for employers to find suitable matches–and the webmasters that run these websites can actually make a significant amount of money. For example, it typically costs employers to post job listings on these boards. So if you are a developer, or if you want to add a job board to your website to help others in your industry connect and find work, ensuring your site is based on a reliable WordPress job board theme is essential.

Job boards can turn into a consistent form of revenue, providing recurring income if you have multiple companies that like partnering with your site. In addition, you can charge for other services, like resume building or featured listings, if you want to expand a bit.

32+ Creative WordPress Themes for Studios, Artists, and Small Businesses in 2021

What is a creative WordPress theme? Is it one that includes creative elements or one that provides the proper tools for creative people? Well, we feel that when people are searching for creative themes it means that they desire something unique in their design. However, it’s also worth mentioning that these creative designs should include some helpful tools and features to assist creative people in reaching their audiences.

48+ Best Responsive WordPress Wedding Themes for Your Big Day

For many, a wedding is one of the biggest events in life. Making a wedding website is not only a fun part of planning your special day, but it adds another way for guests to get excited about the occasion.

Today, we’re bringing you a carefully curated list of the very best wedding WordPress themes available from everywhere on the web. My goal in compiling this list was to capture a variety of themes covering both classic wedding aesthetic and modern/minimal design. Look for themes that bring something special to the table, like custom RSVP forms and special page templates.

12+ Moody and Dark WordPress Themes for Gritty Brands, Photographers, and Creatives that Want Their Portfolio to Pop 2021

Your brand needs color to stand out, yet what if this color is the most simple of them all? Black, or a darker shade of gray, exudes a sense of power, modernism and style. Many of the world’s top businesses, from fashion to auto companies, use darker colors to show that they are not only hip, yet committed to a color that clears out distractions and puts the focus on products.

25+ Best Political WordPress Themes for Candidates, Elections and Office Holders

The collection below is our list of the top 10 best political themes for WordPress in 2016. Most are responsive and many offer interesting features like built-in donation collection, event calendars, and email contact forms.

Political campaigns are expensive, and it’s easy to spend big money on consultants that push custom websites. Using themes like the ones we’ve compiled are a great way to save money without sacrificing the professional appearance of your candidacy.

30+ Best WordPress Gaming Themes for Gamers and Video Game Bloggers

Have you ever wanted to run your own gaming forum? Want to share your thoughts and talk to other people interested in the most recent Halo release or the latest Minecraft tricks? The internet delivers plenty of opportunities for you to play around with games and then publish your findings and thoughts. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of console gaming or you prefer the good old-fashioned tabletop RPGs, there are WordPress gaming themes for every purpose imaginable.

18+ Stylish Corporate WordPress Themes for Established Businesses and Startups 2021

From startups to established businesses, tech companies to agricultural firms, each of these businesses require websites to reach out to the world, bring in new customers, and nurture those clients who have been around for a while. But if you don’t know how to code, how can you get a site up and running quickly? The answer lies with corporate WordPress themes, of course.

20+ Cheap WordPress Themes for Cost Conscious Businesses and Bloggers 2021

WordPress themes are generally cheap by nature. By that we don’t mean in terms of the quality, but the amount of money that WordPress theme companies charge. Think about it in comparison to the days when if you wanted a website you needed to shell out close to ten or twenty thousand dollars. Now, a cheap WordPress theme will cost you anywhere from $0 to $100, with a few exceptions of course.

30+ Best WordPress Video Themes for Media Websites Using Embedded or Self-Hosted Video

Think about all the websites you visit on a daily basis. Which are the ones you remember most? There’s a good chance you remember the ones that contain media components, like videos. In fact, video is a wonderful way to make customers remember your company, since it connects with the senses, engages visitors, and usually gets across a message within a few minutes or even seconds. And one way to bring videos more easily to your visitors is through the use of WordPress video themes.