Register Sidebars – WordPress Snippet Generator

All developers know the time it takes to code a new website template, and any resource that can help shave off some dev time is well worth using. Starting today, we are rolling out a series of free WordPress developer tools in the form of snippet generators and related resources that will help you create clean code in a matter of seconds. Our first generator spins off custom dynamic sidebars for WordPress – just fill out the fields to get started.

31+ WordPress Newspaper Themes For Online Edition Newspapers, Magazines, and News Blogs 2023

You don’t have to be the New York Times to provide quality news to the world. In fact, one could argue that the physical newspaper business is quickly disappearing to make room for digital and online newspapers. From the Huffington Post to TechCrunch, online newspapers are just as good, if not better than their predecessors, and that’s why it’s such as viable business. And you can build your own using WordPress newspaper themes.

14+ Best vCard WordPress Themes 2023 for Polishing Your Professional Online Presence

The first and most obvious questions is… huh? Well, a vCard is basically an electronic business card. It’s a standard file type that can be shared with others. They can be exchanged through electronic means. They’re often exchanged through email, instant messaging, or through the web. They can contain information such as your name, address, phone numbers, e-mail, URLs, photos, audio clips, etc. vCards can be integrated into websites. Specifically, WordPress websites using specially designed themes just for this purpose.

13+ Best WordPress Resume Themes 2023 for Your Website Resume or Online CV

With the advent of easy-to-set-up content management platforms like WordPress, taking control of your professional profile online has never been easier. This is a very good thing, because now more than ever, it’s important to carefully sculpt every detail of information about your work history and experience if you want to win out over the flood of applicants for most professional positions.

30+ Best WordPress Personal Blog Themes For Lifestyle, Travel, and the Everyday Blogger 2023

People set up personal blogs for many reasons. From travel blogs designed to chronicle your latest adventures through Spain to recipe blogs for cataloguing your best dishes, these sites capture a bit your personality. While they’re often not monetized, a professional appearance is still preferable and you can achieve that with one of these WordPress personal blog themes.

18+ Easy WordPress Themes for Simple Websites and Users Who Are New to WordPress

Whether you are a first time WordPress user or a seasoned professional, it’s always a relief to find that the WordPress theme you’ve chosen to work with is easy to set up and straightforward to maintain. While this it not always possible, many theme companies have worked very hard to find ways to provide enormous amounts of feature richness without overly complicating the user interface.

21+ Best Google AdSense-Optimized WordPress Themes for Magazines, Bloggers, and Startups

Imagine bringing in a consistent income simply by posting advertisements on your blog or magazine. Think about paying a selection of writers to generate quality content while you sit back and manage the whole operation from the comfort of your own home or office. This is the goal for so many bloggers and magazine creators. And if you want to make it work, a Google AdSense optimized WordPress theme is a great way to get started.

29+ WordPress Themes for Writers and Authors who Blog, Memoir, or Advertise Works Online

With millions of blogs out there it takes lots of work to stand out from the crowd if you’re a writer. Plenty of people make a living in this field, but marketing yourself with a quality website can make all the difference in setting yourself apart. This collection of WordPress themes for writers should help you establish yourself as a crowd favorite wordsmith in no time.

18+ Best Modern and Responsive Real Estate WordPress Themes For Agents, Brokers, and Agencies

Forget about the crash of 2008, because the real estate market is coming back in full force. Real estate agents require sleek sites to display new homes, apartments, and condos and quick search tools and mapping functionality. Not to mention, real estate blogs are popular websites, offering content for home buyers and investors. The curated real estate WordPress themes on this list can live up to any challenge you throw at them.

11+ Best WordPress Review Themes for Movies, Games, Technology, Restaurants, and Everything Else

Let’s say you went to a movie this past week and it blew your mind. The cinematography was awesome, the acting was out of this world and the story line was perfect. Why not write about it? Review websites are great ways to start talking about subjects you love, from gaming to movies, technology to restaurants. Regardless of how big your review site is, the chance to discuss art and design with other people who also enjoy it is almost therapeutic. After that, you can even make an attempt to become known throughout the industry as an expert.