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Boston Pro by Famethemes Review: An Uncomplicated Blogging Theme With Visual Flair

We’re always on the lookout for modern and simple WordPress themes made just for bloggers. Going with a free theme is completely fine, but it’s far from what you’re going to want if you’re trying to monetize your blog. We recommend a premium theme for the new blogger who wants to make money from her website since it establishes the brand right off the bat, and you can spend more time writing and less time worrying about how your site looks.

We’ve covered a wide range of clean, minimal, and general blogging themes, so it makes sense to dig a little deeper with some of the ones we like the most. The Boston Pro theme by Famethemes seems like a good place to start, since it’s a favorite among bloggers in all sorts of niches.

Boston Pro Homepage

The Boston Pro theme lends itself to a light, airy feel due to its use of negative white space. The header includes a centered logo area and social media buttons for a simple introduction for your reader. You can showcase multiple featured images and links to your most recent blog posts. Along with quite a few handy widgets and a basic interface on the backend, we can’t say enough to those who are considering Boston Pro as a permanent solution for a blog.

Boston Pro is versatile and can be used for websites in all sorts of industries – including travel, fashion, photography, web development, finance, lifestyle, and more.

The theme is currently listed at $49, so you don’t have to spend much money upfront to establish a minimalist, fully-functional website. What’s more is that the developers at Famethemes offer a free, basic version of the theme so you can give it a test run before buying.

Reviewer’s Takeaway

“Boston Pro has a lot to offer individual bloggers – sliders, social media icons, Google Fonts, Instagram integration, and translation. The true value comes from its flexible design, allowing any niche blogger to take it and brand to their liking. It’s a sleek start for the beginner and a professional powerhouse for the full-time blogger.”

~ The Nimbus Team

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A Simple Back-end to Match the Front

As you can see from the front-end, Boston Pro looks pretty great. What about managing the site on the dashboard, though?

Well, it all begins with a super fast one-click demo installation. Then, migrate to the menu area to configure your navigation.

Demo Import

The majority of the settings are housed in the theme customizer, with tools for widgets, menus, colors, and typography.


Boston Pro’s customization options are user-friendly enough that the novice blogger can set up a website on her own.


Famethemes Support

You can’t beat a theme developer who knows what people want in terms of support. Famethemes provides a ticketed system for people to make requests. But the true value comes in the form of the theme documentation. This is where most developers will look for help, and Famethemes delivers again. Each of its themes has its own set of documents. So, for Boston Pro you get links to articles like managing sticky headers and even a list of recommended plugins.

Boston Pro Documentation

Along with an FAQ, multiple tutorials, and a social media presence, the Boston Pro support resources really stand out to us as a comprehensive value-add for the DIY blogger.

Just Way Cool Features (Instagram, Social Buttons, Typography)

In terms of blog themes, sometimes developers take the word minimalist too seriously. You can still make a blog with interesting, functional features, right?

Footer and Instagram

This is yet another reason to appreciate Boston Pro – you get a clean website and cool features like localization, custom theme widgets, an Instagram footer, a carousel slider, infinite scroll, social media icons, Google Fonts, and primary color options.

Widgets and Post Pages

Along with that, the custom page templates give you access to various pre-made pages.

Who Should Be Using Boston Pro?

One thing’s for certain with Boston Pro: you really shouldn’t have to ever contact the support team. The documentation gives you all the information you need if you run into a problem, and Boston Pro’s many pre-built elements are hard to mess up.

Who would I recommend Boston Pro to? It’s a theme for bloggers, simple as that. Which industry? It doesn’t really matter. Some might say that it looks a little more feminine than ambiguous, but I could definitely see a male travel blogger or photographer finding success with the theme. Your images and design choices will most effectively convey your brand.

Beginner bloggers will have no problem understanding the basic settings, and even the more established bloggers have no reason to pass up this website template. Should the theme be used for business websites? Probably not. It would work well as a separate blog, but probably not as the landing page for your corporation.

So there you have it! If you have any questions about this Boston Pro review or if you’d like to share your own experiences with the theme, drop a line in the comments section below.

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