Jacqueline Theme for Spas and Salons

Jacqueline WordPress Theme Review: Perfect for Spas, Salons + More

Need a stylish WordPress theme for your spa, salon, massage parlor or wellness center? Jacqueline is a premium theme from ThemeREX that offers styling and functionality targeted towards business in those niches.

And in my Jacqueline theme review, I’ll dig into this neat theme’s:

  • Feature list
  • Installation and customization process
  • Front-end functionality

Overall, Jacqueline offers a smooth experience that’s definitely worth learning more about.

What Makes Jacqueline Ideal for Spas, Salons, and More?

Jacqueline review

Rather than trying to be another multipurpose theme, Jacqueline is pretty laser focused on offering styling and functionality for spas, salons, massage parlors, and more.

Here are the highlights of what you’re getting with Jacqueline:

  • Tons of demo content to help you quickly launch a full-featured site
  • Gorgeous styling to fit the aesthetic of most spas, salons, and related businesses
  • Built-in online appointment booking through the Booked plugin
  • WooCommerce compatibility in case you want to sell products
  • Custom theme options panel with tons of customization options
  • Custom post types for important information like team members and testimonials
  • Built-in events calendar with The Event Calendar plugin
  • Other included premium plugins like Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, and Essential Grid
  • Custom shortcodes and shortcode builder

Getting Set Up With Jacqueline

Thanks to a quick install process and easy demo data import, it’s easy to get up and running with Jacqueline. Here’s how the process works…

Installing the Jacqueline Theme

Once you activate Jacqueline, it suggests a number of plugins. Only one of these, ThemeREX Utilities, is required. The rest are optional and add extra functionality.

For the purposes of this review, I’m going to install all of the recommended plugins. But in real life, I’d recommend being a little more choosy with what you install:

Install plugins

And here’s what that looks like in all its glory:

All plugins

And with that out of the way, my site now has all the required functionality. But… it still looks like a blank WordPress install, just with a different theme. So let’s see how easy it is to install the dummy data and make my test site look as beautiful as the demo!

Importing Dummy Data to Jacqueline

Jacqueline includes a built-in tool to help you import dummy data. To access it, you just need to go to Appearance → Install Dummy Data.

Then, you can choose exactly what dummy data you actually want to import:

Dummy data to import

Your options are:

  • Only pages, forms, and sliders: Good if you have an existing site and don’t want to completely replace the content you already have. Just adds important pieces. You can even select specific posts, pages and taxonomies and ignore the rest.
  • Whole demo-site content: The whole shebang! Brings in everything to your site.

And for both options, you can choose whether or not to bring in:

  • Theme mods
  • Theme options
  • Template options
  • Widgets
  • Essential Grid
  • Revolution Sliders

Again – for a production site, you’d probably want to be a little choosy here. But for this review, I’ll opt to bring in ALL of the demo content.

Even though I imported every single item (including sliders), the import process was surprisingly fast. Importing posts and options was almost instantaneous. And media and sliders took only a minute or two. Kudos for that, ThemeREX:

Upload demo content

And with that out of the way, my test site looks exactly like the demo I saw on ThemeREX’s server:

After demo content install

Customizing Jacqueline – Theme Options and Styling

While you can customize a couple defaults in the native WordPress Customizer, most of Jacqueline’s settings sit inside its custom theme admin panels. While the theme admin panels are nice enough, I personally prefer when themes put style customizations into the native WordPress Customizer.

With that being said, Jacqueline does still give you tons of control over your site – you’ll just need to use the good ‘ole “Save and Refresh” method to see your changes.

Most of the non-Customizer options sit inside two dashboards:

  • Theme Options
  • Fonts & Colors

In Theme Options, you can set up basically everything that isn’t fonts or colors. For example, in the Customization tab, you can change up layouts, header functionality/styling, and lots more:

Jacqueline Theme Options

Similarly, the Contact Info tab gives you an easy way to quickly set up your business’ contact information without needing to know any code:

Contact Info Screen

The theme options are pretty dang detailed. You have a ton of control over even small pieces of functionality. For example, in the Single Page settings, you can use simple toggle boxes to quickly turn on or off meta-information, like:

  • Post info
  • Read more
  • Author details
  • Tags
  • Related posts
  • Comments

Turn on/off info

And then if you switch over to the Fonts & Colors panel (Appearance → Fonts & Colors), you can configure fonts for every single element, as well as a variety of different color schemes.

One neat thing is that you can define multiple color schemes and then use unique color schemes for specific pages or shortcodes:

Unique Color Schemes

Jacqueline Functionality in Action

Ok, I already mentioned that Jacqueline includes a number of premium plugins, like:

  • Visual Composer
  • Revolution Slider
  • Essential Grid

Those plugins are cool… but I think plenty of other people have written about them. And for that reason, I’m going to skip focusing on their functionality in this review.

But one of the included plugins that I think is worth highlighting is Booked. Because support is built-in, Booked looks gorgeous on Jacqueline right out of the box.

Built-in Appointment Bookings With Booked

Assuming you imported all of the demo content, your site will automatically have a stylish booking page:

Booking Page

Customers can click on their selected day to book an appointment:

Select appointment

Then, you can manage all of those appointments from directly inside your WordPress dashboard:

Manage appointments

Through the plugin’s settings, you can configure most aspects of your booking system.

Helpful Custom Post types for Team Members, Services, and More

Beyond Booked, Jacqueline also includes plenty of custom post types to help you display:

  • Menu items
  • Services
  • Team members
  • Testimonials

For example, to add a testimonial, you just head to Testimonials → Add New:

Add Testimonial

Then, you can use Jacqueline’s included shortcode builder to easily display information from those custom post types:

Built-in Events Calendar

The last thing I want to highlight is the nifty Events Calendar feature powered by The Events Calendar. Again, because Jacqueline includes built-in support, your calendar looks gorgeous right away:

Jacqueline Events Calendar

You can easily create and manage these events directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Wrapping Things Up

All in all, ThemREX packed Jacqueline with tons of functionality. The theme setup process makes it easy to get started and, while I would’ve liked to have seen more usage of the WordPress Customizer, the theme options panel gives you incredibly detailed control over how Jacqueline looks.

The built-in support for important plugins like Booked and The Events Calendar is also nice. While you certainly could purchase those plugins separately, you’d need to pay someone to write some custom CSS if you wanted them to look that good out of the box.

If you, or your client, need to create a website for a spa, massage parlor, salon, or anything else along those lines, I think Jacqueline is a great option to get you started.

You can buy Jacqueline at ThemeForest for $59.

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