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8 Free Logo Design Apps to Build a Beautiful Logo For Your Site

Looking for some free logo design apps to knock the logo for your next site out of the park? While the free tools can’t quite beat out a professional designer just yet, they’re actually pretty great for creating basic logos that still look stylish.

In this post, I’ll give you a bunch of free logo design tools. But because the tools differ in functionality, I’m going to divide things up into two categories:

  • Free DIY logo design apps – that is, tools that let you build your own logo using a helpful interface.
  • Free logo generators – that is, tools that generate logos for you based on some basic information that you enter.

Let’s jump in!

What Are the Limitations of Free Logo Design Apps?

Before I show you the apps, I just want to lead with some quick caveats to properly set your expectations. Like I said, these tools can create perfectly usable logos, but don’t expect them to spit back the logo version of the Sistine Chapel.

While these tools are advancing more and more, they’re still limited in that:

  • You have to use existing vectors/shapes. These tools won’t be able to create something truly custom like a professional designer could.
  • It’s hard to style text in creative ways beyond a flat/diagonal alignment.
  • You’re limited to the fonts offered by the tool, which is sometimes a real bummer.

But let’s not focus too much on the downsides! With a little elbow polish, these tools can still get you a solid logo for your site or business.

What Are Some Free DIY Logo Design Apps?

Like I said, these are tools that help you create your own logo without you needing to be a professional designer. They won’t do all of the work for you. But they will give you enough of a helping hand that you can create a passable logo all by yourself. Here are the best of the best:

1. LogoMakr

Free logo design apps logomakr

LogoMakr is one of the better free logo design tools I’ve ever come across. It provides you with an easy-to-use cloud interface from which you can add fonts, shapes, and a variety of free vector graphics.

With the tool, it’s easy to change font sizes and alignments. And because all of the graphics are vectors, you can switch colors as needed. Once you’re ready to go, you just crop your logo and download it.

While it is possible to use LogoMakr for free, the free version does require that you add credits somewhere to your site in order to follow the Creative Commons License.

But you can also pay $19 to get a high-resolution version that doesn’t require the credits.

One neat thing is that you can also get a shareable link, which is great if you need to collaborate with others on your logo.

Go to LogoMakr

2. Canva

Make a logo on Canva

Canva is a free graphic design tool that can handle far more than just logos. It’s designed to allow anyone, even non-designers, to create a variety of graphics. One of those graphic types is logos.

The cool thing with Canva is that you don’t need to create your logo from scratch (though you can if you’d like). You can also use one of Canva’s pre-made logo templates and just edit it by changing fonts, colors, or adding/removing elements.

Whether you’re creating your logo from a blank canvas or tweaking one of Canva’s existing templates, it’s a solid option.

Go to Canva

3. DesignBold

DesignBold logo creator

DesignBold is another graphic design tool that operates on a similar basis to Canva. That is, it helps you create stylish designs whether or not you have any graphic design bones in your body.

The interface is fairly similar to Canva in that you build your design by dragging and dropping elements, shapes, text, and more. The main difference is in the available templates. Both tools have a distinct set of logo templates that you can base your design on.

So if you don’t find a logo template you like in Canva, you should take a peek at DesignBold (or vice versa).

Go to DesignBold


DesignApp free logo maker lets you build logos in two different ways:

First off, there’s the 100% free way. With this method, you build your site using text elements and a variety of free elements and shapes. In these respects, it’s fairly similar to LogoMakr (though I prefer LogoMakr’s interface).

But you can also use templates, though the templates are not 100% free. With that being said, the templates are only ~$5. So not exactly breaking the bank!

If you’re willing to skip a latte to invest in your logo, these are a good option. Otherwise, the free design tool is still solid.

Go to

5. Logo Garden

Logo Garden

Logo Garden operates similarly to LogoMakr and That is, you build your logo from free symbols and text. Of the three, it has my least favorite interface. But if you can’t find elements you like in the other two tools, Logo Garden is a solid third option.

Go to Logo Garden

What Are Some Free Logo Generators?

With these logo generators, you won’t have to do any of the hard work. Just input your business name and some basic style preferences and the tools will spit back a variety of automatically generated logo options for you to peruse.

Here are some of the best logo generators..

6. MarkMaker


MarkMaker is unique in that it actually uses artificial intelligence to generate your logo. As you tell MarkMaker what styles you like (and don’t like), it will keep refining its suggestions as it learns more about your preferences.

By the end, you should end up with a logo that you *hopefully* love.

To use the tool, all you need to do is enter your business name and then click on designs you like to tell MarkMaker how to refine its designs. As you like the designs, the tool will automatically add new designs to the list based on your preferences.

Go to MarkMaker

7. Logojoy


Logojoy is another logo generator that uses artificial intelligence. The idea is pretty much identical to MarkMaker. You tell Logojoy your business name. Then, you pick 5 or more existing logos that you like.

Once Logojoy knows the style of logo that you like, it will give you back a variety of suggestions using your business name. Easy peezy!

Go to Logojoy

8. Shopify Logo Maker

Shopify Logo Maker

Not a fan of letting artificial intelligence design your logo? Or maybe you’re just afraid of encouraging robots to take over the world…

Either way, Shopify Logo Maker takes a bit more manual approach to logo generation. All you need to do is enter your business name, a desired icon, and some positioning data and Shopify Logo Maker will automatically generate your logo for you.

Go to Shopify Logo Maker

What About Some Cheap Logo Design Sources If I’m Not Happy With The Free Ones?

Look, the free logo design apps are nice in a pinch. But sometimes you need a bit more of a human touch. So if none of the free tools have gotten you a logo that you’re happy with, you might want to try one of these paid, but affordable, sources for logo designers.


Fiverr has hundreds of freelancers who offer up cheap logo design services in a variety of niches. And as the name suggests, those designs start as low as $5 (though you’ll typically want to pay a bit more for better quality).

While not free, you’ll usually get a bit better quality logo and $5 isn’t exactly breaking the bank for most people.

Go to Fiverr Logo Design Gigs


While Upwork might require a bit more effort to find a logo designer, it’s still an affordable spot with good value for the money if you can find the right freelancer. The only downside is that you’ll need to actually post a job and accept bids in order to find a logo designer.

Fiverr is much more streamlined in comparison. But as a last resort, Upwork is a solid option.

Go to Upwork

Wrapping Things Up

Free logo design apps are great for creating a workable logo for your site or business. They’re especially helpful when you’re just getting started and don’t have the budget for a professional designer yet.

While they probably won’t get you a logo that wins awards, they can create something to add some spice to your site without breaking the bank… and that’s really all that you can ask for!

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