Using BoardBooster to Automate your Pinterest Growth

Board Booster – Everything You Need to Know To Grow Your Pinterest Account on Autopilot

Is mastering Pinterest on your to-do list this year? With over 2 billion monthly searches, Pinterest is a huge driver of traffic. In fact, it now accounts for about 5% of all website traffic.

But surely only blogs or businesses targeting a female audience are successful on Pinterest? That’s not the case. Men are one of the fastest growing demographics on Pinterest.

Pinterest represents a great opportunity for free traffic, but how do you leverage it to drive traffic back to your site? One method many power-users and businesses employ is using a Pinterest scheduling tool.

If you’ve done your research on Pinterest schedulers, you’ve probably heard about Board Booster as being one of the best and most popular pin schedulers.

But why is that? And how do you use it to drive traffic to your site?

Intro to Board Booster

Board Booster is a very popular Pinterest scheduling tool. Using a system of secret boards, you can set up Board Booster to pin automatically on your behalf.

Is Using Board Booster Safe? Will My Account Get Shut Down?

Unlike Tailwind, Board Booster is NOT a Pinterest-approved scheduler. Pinterest hasn’t taken any action against BoardBooster users in the past, but it’s possible that could change in the future. We advise you to proceed with caution.

Why use Board Booster?

Pinterest uses an algorithm called the “Smart Feed” to determine where your pins rank and how often they appear in search. One factor that’s taken into consideration is your account activity. The more active you are on Pinterest, the better.

But, you don’t have time to spend all day on Pinterest. That’s where Board Booster comes in. You can set up Board Booster to pin for you around the clock.

You can even set up Board Booster to source new pins for you so you could take a break from pinning, if you wanted to.

Setting up Board Booster

  1. Navigate to Board Booster.
  2. Click on Sign Up For Free Trial.
    Board Booster Free Trial
  3. Fill out your name, email, password, Pinterest user name and time zone.
  4. Click on Sign Up to create your account.
  5. Click on Account from the top menu and then click the yellow Connect button to connect your Board Booster account with Pinterest.Connect to Pinterest
  6. Fill in your Pinterest account email and password into the dialogue box and click Submit. Board Booster will then connect to your account.
  7. Once you’ve successfully connected, click Got It on the dialogue box. Your Board Booster account is ready to go. Got it - Board Booster Enabled

How to Pin With Board Booster

Board Booster has three different pinning tools:

  • Campaigns
  • Scheduler
  • Looping

They can be a little confusing to understand at first. Here’s the breakdown:


Under Campaigns, you’ll find Random Campaigns or Scheduled Campaigns.

Board Booster Pinning Campaigns

Both of these types are great to use to schedule pins to your group boards.

Random Campaigns

Sometimes you just want to pin to your group boards without having to manually direct each pin. Random Campaigns help with that.

  1. Click on Create Random Campaign.
  2. Name your campaign and choose List of Boards.  Board Booster Random Campaign
  3. Click Add Board in the source boards section and add one or more source boards that Board Booster will randomly select pins from.
  4. Click Add Board in the target boards section and add one or more target boards for Board Booster to randomly pin to.
  5. Use the drop-down menu to change the Frequency of Pinning to suit your board. You have a wide range of options, from once every 30 days to 12 pins a day.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Change the pin times to your liking.
  8. Click on Advanced Settings.
  9. Change the Aspect Ratio Filter to Tall Only.
  10. Click on Custom Settings in the Duplication section. You can select the minimum interval for re-pinning a pin to the same board, which helps avoid spam. You can also set the maximum number of re-pins for an individual pin per day so Board Booster doesn’t pin the same pin too frequently.
  11. Click Save.

Scheduled Campaigns

Scheduled Campaigns are the opposite of Random Campaigns. Using a Scheduled Campaign, you set a clear repin schedule for any pin that’s added to the secret board for the campaign.

Use a Scheduled Campaign to drop your new pins to each of your group board in turn.

Here’s how to set one up:

  1. Click on Create Scheduled Campaign.Scheduled Campaign
  2. Name your Campaign.
  3. Keep your Max new pins per day at 1 so you don’t have to worry about spamming any of your boards, only one pin will start on the schedule each day.
  4. Create your Repin Schedule. This part is time-consuming. Click Add repin.
  5. Choose which board to repin to using the drop-down menu.New Scheduled Item
  6. Choose the Campaign day number and the repin time.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Add additional repins to your Scheduled Campaign until you’re satisfied with it.
  9. Click Save.

What is the Scheduler Feature and How Does it Work?

Board Booster’s Scheduler feature creates a secret board for each board you enable it on. You can control the settings to let Board Booster know how many pins per day it should be pinning to that board. You fill up your secret board with content and Board Booster will slowly trickle those pins out to the public version of the board.

  1. Click on Pinning Tools > Scheduler.
  2. Click Add Board.
  3. Select all the boards you want to add the Scheduler feature to.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Configure the settings to your liking then click Submit.Add Board to Scheduler
  6. Board Booster will now create the secret boards. Once it’s finished, click on the Campaign to view the Settings.

Using Pin Sourcing

If you’ve ever wished you could set and forget Pinterest, here’s how you do it. Using Pin Sourcing, you can set Board Booster up to either monitor another user’s board or search Pinterest for pins that meet your criteria to add to your boards. This can essentially cut down your time seeking out content.

  1. Click on Pinning Tools > Scheduler and click on a campaign.
  2. Click Add in Pin Sourcing and choose from Board Monitor or Search Agent. Board Monitor enables you to enter the URL of another Pinterest board where Board Booster will automatically source pins from. This could be one of your group boards, or the board of a trusted pinner in your niche. Search Agent searches Pinterest for keywords you specify and automatically pins the top performing content for that search.Pin Sourcing
  3. Configure the settings to your liking and click Save.

How to Set Up Board Booster’s Looping Feature

One of the hardest things about Pinterest is you need to pin your own content. Over and over. If you’re doing this manually, it’s hard to know where you should pin to next and spamming your boards is a constant worry. But, Board Booster has a unique feature that makes this simple and painless – looping.

Set up looping and Board Booster will repin your oldest pins from the board so they appear at the top of your board. After a week (or a time frame of your choosing), Board Booster will delete the pin with the least repins so you don’t have a board full of duplicate content.

Note, Board Booster recommends using looping only for large boards.

  1. Click on Pinning Tools > Looping.Looping With Board Booster
  2. Click on Configure Looping or Read More if you want to learn more.
  3. Select the boards you’d like to enable Looping on and click Continue.
  4. Now you need to configure Looping for each board. You can choose how frequently your pins loop, what pins are looped, when deduplication happens, and what should happen for “viral” duplicates. Click Submit when you’ve finished configuring. Configure Looping

Configuration Tips

  • Add a random delay so your looping looks more natural.
  • If you’ve created a square board cover for your board, select Aspect Ratio Filter – Tall Only. This will ensure that your board cover doesn’t get looped.
  • Enable Protection for viral duplicates, as these are pins that are doing well.

Other Board Booster Features – Maintenance Tools

Board Booster has several unique maintenance Tools like Pin Mover, Pin Doctor, and Group Board Monitor.

What are these tools and why would you use them?

  • Pin Mover – You can task Board Booster to move bulk lots of your pins. Useful for when you want to split a large board. Note – using Pin Mover is an extra charge of $0.01/pin.
  • Pin Doctor – Board Booster tests your pins and returns you a notification of pins that have issues. Useful for improving your Pinterest ranking by identifying pins that may have incorrect or broken links. Note – this is an additional fee of $0.01/pin.
  • Group Manager – If you’re a group board owner, you can check up on your collaborators using Group Manager.

Board Booster Reports and Analytics

Board Booster provides analytics in the Reports tab. Here’s the scoop on what you have access to:

    >Pinning History – Includes how many repins and likes your pin received and where it was pinned to.
  • Board Performance – Provides you with information on how well your pins are performing on different boards.
  • Viral 3rd-Party Pins – Your top performing pins that were pinned by other pinners.
  • Top Group Boards – A list of the best group boards on Pinterest by engagement and organized by Pinterest category.
  • Best Time to Pin – Shows a chart of the average number of repins your content receives over time, so you can determine what times are best for you to pin at.
  • Follower Growth – Charts your follower growth over time.

Wrapping it up

Board Booster has some killer features that make it easy to grow your Pinterest account and build traffic back to your site. Looping is an easy way to get your content circulating on autopilot, and you can even automate sourcing new content using the pin sourcing feature.

While Board Booster isn’t Pinterest-approved, it’s understandable why it’s incredibly popular and gives Tailwind a run for its money!

Over to you – Are you using a Pinterest scheduler? Have you tried Board Booster?

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  1. Nancy Doyle Avatar

    Nancy Doyle

    July 23, 2017 at 1:17 am

    My strategy about winning on Pinterest is rather simple. I let PinPinterest com manage my account…
    If you’ve been living under a rock and have managed to not hear about this awesome tool, you’re missing out a lot on Pinterest marketing 😛 Obviously I tried a lot of other tools too, including Boardbooster, before finally settling for PinPinterest, and to be very honest, almost all of them were a big time disaster. Some of them lacked speed, some made my account tooooo cluttery, while some were so smart that they just got me banned -_-
    PinPinterest has helped me get from almost non-mentionable followers and zero traffic to more than 55k followers on my Pinterest and my site being a traffic-magnet 😀
    Auto Like, Comment, Pin, Repin, Follow and has all the features one wants in a full-fledged tool and even more… It has Pin Scheduler that lets me schedule as many pins as I want and has a Speed Control setting that makes sure my account is always ban-safe by running at a human-like speed. The thing I like the most about PinPinterest is its intelligent content-detection algorithm, that runs in the background and detects relevant content for my account and pins only such images.

    • Sarah Bishop Avatar

      Sarah Bishop

      July 25, 2017 at 12:34 pm

      Thanks Nancy for the insight on PinPinterest, we will check it out.

  2. Cath Avatar


    July 25, 2017 at 2:16 pm

    Thanks for sharing Nancy. I have yet to try PinPinterest. It’s great to see new pinning tools entering the game.


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