Soliloquy – Small Business Theme

A lot has changed in the small business WordPress themes industry. While this theme isn’t on the market any longer there are many new themes available and we’ve created this collection of free business themes in order to help our users find a replacement.

Soliloquy is a modern, photo-friendly and responsive WordPress theme with multiple frontpage layouts, lots of useful elements, and customization options that make it ideal for small business and personal sites. Built using the Bootstrap 3 front-end framework, the template offers a sleek and fully responsive design that’s optimized for all modern browsers and mobile devices. Your website will look gorgeous and work correctly when viewed from smartphones and tablets.

The Soliloquy theme comes with various frontpage layouts, including a frontpage slider or static image, featured pages, blog feed, or a frontpage content area. The frontpage slider allows text overlay and a call-to-action button designed to elicit an immediate response from your visitors. The slider looks good and brings a visual punch to your website. You can use it to highlight different elements of your business and site.

The clean, standout blog is great for sharing your stories and any other ramblings. Use it to share your knowledge and improve your search engine rankings. Choose from a variety of page and post layouts, all with the option for full-width featured images. These large attractive banners are effective tools to bring your site to life and incite curiosity in your visitors. Various page templates are included, providing options for left, right, or no sidebar on all your posts or pages.

In terms of branding options, you’ll find hundreds of font choices and colors to work with. Simply pick the ones that match your brand. Furthermore, Soliloquy features a large logo at the top that you can easily replace with your own to enhance your branding.

With the continued rise in eCommerce, many small businesses and individuals want a simple and quick way to sell their products and services online. That’s why we included WooCommerce support in the Soliloquy theme. With this, you can set up your online store within minutes. The theme is also compatible with all popular plugins, giving you the ability to expand the functionality of your website.

The user-friendly theme options panel introduces various options and settings for customizing your website. You’ll find various sidebar options, SEO features, layout styles, and more. In addition, your theme purchase gives you access to the Nimbus Shortcodes Library, making it possible to add different elements such as columns, buttons, lists, images, and more to your site without actually writing code. Moreover, a number of widgets are available, giving you the flexibility to use certain functionality without messing with your site’s code. You can simply drag and drop elements like blog feeds, calendars, recent posts, and more into your sidebar or footer.

As with all templates from Nimbus Themes, your purchase gives you access to regular ongoing updates and friendly support from our team. The ongoing updates are meant to ensure your website remains secure and compatible with the latest WordPress releases, while the top-notch support will come in handy in case you encounter any difficulties when using the template. Last but not least, the Soliloquy theme offers clean and secure code that loads fast on any device and browser.

Every Theme Comes with These Awesome Benefits

Ongoing Updates

Keep your site at the cutting edge with our ongoing theme updates for as long as you're a member.

Shortcodes and Scripts

Access to the Nimbus Shortcode library – including FontAwesome icons, responsive shortcodes, buttons, columns, and more!

SEO Equipped

Manage your SEO using the powerful tools included in your theme.

Custom CSS Capabilities

A priceless feature. Tweak your theme's CSS easily without losing your changes on the next upgrade or having to get into the theme templates.

Fully responsive design

All our themes are optimized for each browser size. From tablet to smartphone to laptop, you’ll see a gorgeous site!

Versatile Color Options

The default theme colors don't match your business? Not a problem. Choose from an unlimited number of color options on most of our themes.

Social Media Options

Harness the power of social media by using the social media tools provided with your theme.

Clean code

No mess, no extra weight. Clean code equals a fast site.

Customizable options panel

The Nimbus theme options panel allows you to change design colors and fonts, sizes, choose layouts, or add or remove sidebars.

Photo-friendly layouts

Great for high-visibility imagery, our themes highlight images via sliders, featured image areas, featured posts, and more.

Typography Options

Incorporate any number of fonts from our hand-selected collection of Google fonts.

Top-Notch Security

Your site template adheres to WordPress best practices to ensure continued compliance and security.

Thoughts from Nimbus members...

Backroad Testimonial

I would definitely give it a 5-star rating! One other thing, I love the theme, this is the first Nimbus theme I have used and I am impressed with it... so many options!

~Kate Civiero, Backroad Craft

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