Retro nature patterns

Free Retro Nature PS & AI Pattern Pack

3 free retro nature patterns for Photoshop and Illustrator.

Two of the patterns are adapted from vintage fabric pieces, and the other is just something I made up in Illustrator. Illustrator, as you might suspect, is a great program for creating illustrations. You can do a lot with minimal effort, and it’s easy to add patterns, textures, gradients, 3D elements, and other special effects to get a unique look. Try playing around with patterns in Illustrator, even if you are just going to bring them into Photoshop. The highlight to this is that if you start out with a pattern in Illustrator and then take it into Photoshop, you can scale the image size in Photoshop and define it as a pattern so you get perfectly clear resolution no matter what size the pattern. You also have a lot more freedom to easily manipulate things in Illustrator.

The backgrounds of the patterns in Photoshop are transparent so you can place your own background color, texture, or image layer in there. You can also add fun effects like drop shadows on the pattern objects themselves in Photoshop, and by using Illustrator you can add textures and gradients to individual pieces of the pattern objects. To install the patterns in Photoshop, simply download them from the link below, extract them, then drop them into the Patterns subfolder of your Adobe Photoshop Presets folder.

The Illustrator patterns are the three original patterns of these variations. This way, you can adjust the patterns to your liking in Illustrator and then take them into Photoshop. Just a forewarning, I hadn’t used Illustrator much when designing these, so if my files are a mess, please bear with me. 🙂 The Illustrator files just need to be unzipped and you can open them like any other .ai file.

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