Add Theme Support – WordPress Snippet Generator

Instead of wading through lines of code when activating optional WordPress core functions like translation, custom backgrounds and logos, HTML5 integration, or post thumbnails, we’ve put together this handy add_theme_support WordPress snippet generator to do the heavy lifting for you.

To use the tool, simply click “Support” on the feature you’d like activated, then fill out the relevant fields below the box to further customize the feature, when modifiers are available. When you’ve added everything you’d like, copy the code and paste it into the functions.php file. That’s all there is to it!

Register Sidebars – WordPress Snippet Generator

All developers know the time it takes to code a new website template, and any resource that can help shave off some dev time is well worth using. Starting today, we are rolling out a series of free WordPress developer tools in the form of snippet generators and related resources that will help you create clean code in a matter of seconds. Our first generator spins off custom dynamic sidebars for WordPress – just fill out the fields to get started.

WordPress Posts Without Titles

Occasionally, a Nimbus Themes member will submit a support ticket about the way our themes display titles on blog posts or pages that don’t have the title field populated. Often these requests boil down to hiding the title entirely, so in this post we’re going to explore the logic behind our approach to these edge cases and how to hide the title if that’s your ultimate aim.

Why We Use get_template_part()

Recently, we’ve received several support requests regarding the get_template_part() function from design firms that are working on child themes of our Nimbus WordPress Themes.

There seems to be some confusion about how this functions works and why we’ve chosen to implement it in our themes, so this post will look at what this important function offers and how it simplifies our themes.