50% Off Themes & 40% Off Hosting

We’ve teamed up with our favorite hosting provider to bring you this special offer for 40% any hosting plan at Bluehost and a 50% off coupon for your next theme purchase here at Nimbus Themes.

How do I redeem this offer?

It’s super easy!

All you need to do is signup for a new hosting account at Bluehost by clicking on the button below. Then email discount@nimbusthemes.com a request for a the 50% off coupon. Be sure to include the domain you signed up with at bluehost in the email so we can look up your account.

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That’s literally all there is to it!!

Why should you choose Bluehost?:

  1. Support: If you’ve read any of my theme roundups you’ll know that I place an over-sized emphasis on the quality and consistency of the support provided by each theme foundry. When it comes to hosting I think it’s even more important. You are a business person with a ton of skills earned from the school of hard knocks… but you’re not a sysadmin and you shouldn’t have to master the complicated skills of managing a WordPress compatible server. This is were Bluehost shines. Let there team of support experts and sysadmins tweak your hosting environment into perfect form so you can keep your eyes on the really important things like running your business.
  2. WordPress Friendly: Bluehost has a special relationship with the WordPress community. They’ve been proactive in creating tools and security features to support the many hundreds of thousands of WordPress websites that have emerged on the web over the past decade. For this reason and many others the WordPress foundation has listed bluehost on their recommended hosting page even when all other hosts have been removed for various infractions and compatibility issues.
  3. Unlimited Hosting & Domains: While there’s a little small print that makes this claim not entierly true in all cases, it’s essentially true for most small businesses. And that’s an awesome thing!! You can host as many websites and as many domains on your account as you’d like and this makes Bluehost the ideal webhost for any business person with ambition.
  4. Up-time & Stability: There are website where you can find statistics on the various up-time and stability metrics for all the major hosting providers. But I’m going to speak from years of experience working with hundreds of clients with hosting at just about every hosting provider you can think of. Bluehost constantly offers the most stable, easy to work with, and least prone to down-time hosting of any shared hosting provider.
  5. Price: See the offer above!! 40% off is no trivial discount on a hosting cost that’s one of the lowest in the industry to begin with.